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Solve problems

  • The narrow-mindedness of the reluctance of staff to grow professionally
  • Bad relationships within the band
  • Inability to work as a team to achieve a common goal
  • Lack of understanding

Achieve results

  • Hold quest with assignments and stratsessiju in a non-standard setting
  • Improve the microclimate in the team by conducting entertainment events
  • Remove the stress from employees to successfully meet future challenges

Off-site team building: a new solution to old problems

It is impossible to study your team, identify unconditional leaders, work out the weaknesses of employees and long-standing conflicts in a familiar situation. Even if you hold several events within the office or city, you will not be able to understand your subordinates to the end. A person will not be able to open up completely in a familiar environment, and changing it is a good solution for those who want to really understand their employees.

Field team-building events are an effective tool that will solve the following tasks:

  • to study each of the employees, to reveal his weaknesses and strengths, new abilities;
  • push employees to collaborative, teamwork;
  • give employees positive emotions and pleasant memories of working in your company;
  • resolve old conflicts in the team.

In a new environment – a different city or even a country – people you know may behave quite differently. Perhaps their new features and abilities will be a surprise to them.

Off-site team building abroad, abroad

Team building abroad or abroad is based on a change of scenery. It does not matter where you go - to the neighboring city, the near abroad or to the other side of the world, changing the location, you will achieve your goals. If you limit yourself to the usual city for your employees and, especially, the office, the event will not bring the proper result, so you should take care of the trip in advance.

The trip will take a few days, so get ready to leave the projects for later. Choose the right time: if the event unexpectedly breaks down due to an urgent task or edits from the client, and you are forced to conduct quests in the home location, they will only bring harm: the expectations of employees will not coincide with reality, and they are unlikely to be happy.

A good solution would be a trip to the May or New Year holidays: as a rule, at this time there is some lull in the flow of customers, and the employees themselves will not mind spending their free time in another country or a new city for themselves.

The scenario of team building consists of a quest and a strategic planning session, which is carried out on the basis of teamwork. At the session, participants will be able to find solutions to improve the efficiency of joint work, resolve conflicts, if they occur, and will be able to prove themselves.

Importantpart of the event will be an entertainment program. It will allow you to forget about hierarchy and subordination, establish friendly ties, communicate in an informal setting.

The organization of a field event  is the only opportunity to unite a team of remote employees. More and more companies prefer to work remotely, to look for specialists from different cities, not limited to one location. There are also organizations based on branches. Employees from branches and remote workers within the framework of team building will be able to get to know each other personally, communicate, and establish connections. Such an event will create a cohesive team with its own microclimate, jokes, common memories.


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