Business Events

Solve Problems

  • Lack of an adequate level of communication with partners and customers
  • "Stagnation" in the team development
  • Lack of a clear action plan during a quarter/year

Achieve Results

  • Determine the event format
  • Invite a professional speaker with knowledge of the situation
  • Find the weaknesses in the company's activities
  • Motivate staff and acquaint them with the company’s operations

Business events –
indicator of company success

A business event is a business event that covers extensive segments of the business community. Business events are usually understood as forums, meetings, press conferences, panel discussions, round tables, seminars, pitchings, business games, team building, presentations, conferences and other activities in the business environment. Business events are usually contrasted with traditional office meetings in terms of duration, composition, geographical coverage or the importance of the issues raised.

Whatever branch of business the company belongs to and no matter how its business goes, business events are an important aspect of the activities of every organization.

The main objectives of business events are:

  • development of strategic business goals;
  • formulation of operational processes;
  • exchange of professional experience and knowledge.

Holding all kinds of conferences, seminars with the participation of only members of a particular organization, and with the involvement of employees of third-party firms, increases the image of the enterprise and demonstrates its competitiveness.

Essence and concept

There are several types of business events, but the main task of each of them is to improve business indicators through constructive communication and the choice of the vector of the company's development.

Thus, conferences and forums are focused on discussing the achievements / failures of the company, debriefing and exchange of experience. Off-site events (M.I.C.E.) are distinguished by the fact that ideas are discussed in an informal setting, and rest and fun are an integral part of M.I.C.E. The purpose of a business game is to allegorically demonstrate business processes on the example of a simple game in order to identify weaknesses, establish communication. The seminar is a short speech of a person (guest trainer, manager) to motivate employees. A strategic session helps employees better understand the essence of the company's work as a whole.

 Successful holding of a business event improves the investment climate of the company in the eyes of sponsors, attracts the target audience and gives good advertising to the goods and services of the company.

Organizing business events with BIG JACK?

Event-agency BIG JACK will be happy to help you with the organization. We believe that it is necessary to approach the solution of each issue comprehensively, so we develop an original plan for the event, depending on the needs of the client.

Based on the goals pursued and the desired output result, we help the customer in choosing the form of the event and fully assume responsibility for its organization. If it is a conference or forum, then BIG JACK selects a place, accommodates guests and is responsible for the technical support of the event. In the case of M.I.C.E., we take special care in logistics and entertainment.

Organizing a business event is the key to finding and solving business problems. Entrust this key to us, and the necessary result will be achieved!

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