Solve Problems

  • The frosty atmosphere inside the team
  • The absence of an informal leader in the team
  • Unsatisfactory teamwork
  • Low self-esteem among individual team members

Achieve Results

  • Improve the psycho-emotional state of employees
  • Increase productivity by approximately 20%
  • Resolve instant problems (behavior in extreme situations,  out of the box thinking development, etc.)

Organization of team building:
we set up the team for the working wave

Team building is a type of corporate holiday, the purpose of which is to increase the efficiency of the team and train employees to achieve their goals during joint activities. 

Team building is a key aspect in the organizational activities of any entrepreneur. Organizing and conducting team building solves a number of problems of the communication plan, the main of which is the transformation of a group of employees into a team of people led by a common idea.

You wish to:

  1. Improve the atmosphere within the team.
  2. Identify a leader.
  3. Increase the self-esteem of each member of the team.
  4. To work out and consolidate among the employees the company's mission, its corporate values.


  1. Corporate team building.

Efficiency and concepts of team building

Almost 90 years ago, the founder of the concept of team building, the author of the Hawthorne experiments, George Elton Mayo, proved that after team building , the productivity of WesternHawthorneWorks employees increased by an average of 20%. This case was not an isolated one: the trend showed that team building is an effective tool for improving the psycho-emotional state of an employee.

Teambuilding is a versatile means of increasing productivity: it has many concepts and is not limited to a specific format, time or place.

It is important to know that the organization of team building occurs depending on a number of local tasks. In other words, if each of the formats of team building is aimed at increasing productivity and improving the microclimate in the team of employees, then, for example, extreme team building checks the behavior of employees in non-standard situations, and so on.

Goals of team building

  • formation of organization, integrity and unity of the team;
  • preparation of the team for effective interaction in the team;
  • formation of trust and understanding - increasing the motivation of actions;
  • formation of team spirit;
  • the credibility of management in an informal setting.

Corporate team building. Your tasks, our answers

Big Jack's team of employees is ready forand the highest level to organize and conduct any of the 7 most popular formats of team building in 2016. This is a mobile quest, where multifunctional cooperation is developed, and races on homemade cars that will allow your employees to show creativity, and rafting on catamarans is a good option for determining the leader. We also have both original team buildings, including "Vikings in Search of Thor's Hammer", "Music Plays on the Ship", "Tribe of Company", and the popular "Dances to the Fall". In addition, we have 427 turnkey events on our account.

Our event-agency is fully responsible for organizational issues: you will be required to have a minimum of participation. We provide a detailed financial report on costs: customer trust and mutual respect are highly valued by us.

BIG JACK is interested in productive and mutually beneficial cooperation, so we offer the most acceptable scenarios for solving your problems, including from a financial point of view.

Team building is the key to solving many production problems. Try it and see that Professor George Elton Mayo was right.

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