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Corporate Games

Solve problems

  • Motivating the team to work
  • Lack of team creative personalities
  • No friendly relationships between workers
  • Misunderstanding between subordinates and supervisors

Achieve results

  • Simulate work situation through the prism of games
  • Communicate the main promises in a relaxed format
  • Develop the script with the inclusion of all employees
  • Improving vertical involvement

Corporate game: solving a complex problem in simple ways

Dry wording is poorly remembered, and corporate pathos at official events rarely causes emotional returns. To develop new skills in employees, train them to work in a team without direct leadership, instill corporate values and cultivate those qualities that will be useful to your business, play a game.

The choice of scenarios and formats is huge. It can be mobile and intellectual games, educational and business events in an interesting format for everyone. Each game gives its own results and develops special qualities in employees. 

The game can become a bright event in the life of your company and even a tradition that your employees will love. Within the framework of this event, you will be able to teach employees new skills, highlight the best - leaders and intellectuals, increase loyalty to the company. Using the game format, you can simulate a real situation and possibly get solutions to complex problems facing your business.

Corporate games for employees solve such problems as:

  • increasing the motivation of employees;
  • elimination of emotional, communication barriers between newcomers and experienced, ordinary employees and managers;
  • identification of leaders, intellectuals, creative people;
  • training in new skills and development of the qualities necessary for the company.

This is not all the problems that the game can solve. With the right approach, you are waiting for amazing results.

Organization of corporate games - for any tasks and purposes

Corporate games are organized at different venues: in the office and in nature, in a restaurant, as part of a New Year's holiday or anniversary, or on a special site. The timing of the event is not limited by anything. It can be a blitz-quiz for 5-10 minutes before the start of the working day, and a large-scale event in which employees of several firms will take part, and for which you will have to prepare for several weeks.

Games also differ in the goals pursued by their organizers. In particular, there are games:

  • Intellectual. Here erudition, speed of thinking, its strategicity are important. Emphasis is placed on the personal qualities of each employee. The goal is to motivate the employee to develop.
  • Training. Such events, in fact, are trainings, where teamwork is more important, the ability to accept the new rules of the IG
And navigate in unusual conditions. The goal is to strengthen relationships in the team and teach employees new things in an easy game format.
  • Business. On the one hand, this is an exciting game that increases loyalty to the company, brand, corporate values. On the other hand, it is possible to find non-standard solutions to real business problems. The purpose of such a game is to highlight the best employees, remove barriers in the team, improve the microclimate and, of course, simulate the working situation.
  • Entertainment. This format is created for recreation and team building. They develop such games for corporate events - both informal and purely business. The goal is to relieve tension, bring positivity, cause emotional feedback in the participants.
  • Business, educational, entertaining, intellectual corporate games, as a rule, are built on a single structure and have one task. During the event, the real situation is simulated, and employees work in teams or individually, depending on the format and purpose. According to the results of the competition, the best are awarded.

    If you want to achieve the best results, your choice is the professional organization of a corporate game. The company "BIG JACK" will take on the role of organizer and arbiter, will help to realize your ideas and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

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