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Corporate New Year

Solve problems

  • Small communication between staff of the Central Office and remote locations
  • The presence in the team of "barriers of communication"
  • Not enough strong brand company

Achieve results

  • Working on the script, taking into account the activity of the enterprise and the challenges ahead
  • Turn your celebration into an unforgettable WOW-fairy tale
  • Create a lasting impact positive emotional charge

Corporate New Year: "Wasteless" OR a tool to achieve the company's goals?

All companies have a common New Year's tradition - summing up and setting goals. That is why this holiday is considered one of the most important days.

What are your ideas about the Company's New Year's corporate?

We assume, about the following: to listen to the performances of colleagues, to sit at the table in an informal setting, to see a couple of not funny contests, a little dancing and you can go home.
The story is not very interesting. In addition, it carries a minimum of benefits for the company.

Let's see what tasks can be closed with the event:

  • to tell employees about the company's results and upcoming goals
  • to give them feedback and understanding that they are involved in the success
  • get feedback, learn about problems and possible solutions
  • strengthen employee ties
  • strengthen the company's brand

All these points boil down to one big goal - to increase the involvement of employees in the activities of the organization. Studies have shown that companies achieve outstanding results when employee engagement is more than 60%.
There is a simple logic to this: high involvement contributes to more effective work, and this is a direct impact on the success of the company.

The goal is really important. But how to achieve it with the help of a New Year's corporate party?

This is a matter of professional ism, which we have. The main thing is a well-developed scenario, which begins long before the start.
Do you know the feeling when you came to the event, which did not know the basics in advance? It seems as if you are superfluous and have no desire to be active.

Our goal is to involve your employees in the process of preparing for the event. That they were in anticipation, discussed the upcoming holiday with colleagues and knew that they will come not just for the sake of formality.

The event is not yet to begin, and the employees will already interact with each other, which already partially closes our main goal.

A good scenario is wonderful, but without the competent technical design of the site, we will not achieve any high goals. The Big Jack team has organized 427 turnkey events and knows how to make "music not play too loud" and "light wouldl not too bright."
Beautiful photos? We organize a professional photo zone so that participants fondly remember the past event.

You don't have to limit yourself to the staff and executives of the company.
It is a well-known practice when artists, musicians or industry experts are invited to the festival. In our experience, this further engages workers in the process, which corresponds to the main task.

A competent scenario, the right selection and design of the site, the composition of the participants - that's due to what we achieve the desired goal.

It's pretty hard to handle it if you haven't seen it before.
Therefore, it is better to entrust a highly specialized job to a professional. Can we call ourselves a pro?

Let the numbers answer.

  • The Big Jack team organized 27 New Year's corporate events.
  • First place in the "Best New Year's Event" category at the Global Event Awards in 2015.
  • At least 90% of invitees attend events.
  • Increase in the consumer loyalty index by at least 30% after our events.

We know how to turn a holiday into an investment for your company and achieve business goals. At the same time, it will be interesting and memorable.

Ready to invest in your company? Then just fill out the form and today we will start work.

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