Solve problems

  • Lack of knowledge about the resource company clients and partners
  • Low level of communication with your audience
  • A small company's popularity

Achieve results

  • Spend a long tour with the best employees and customers
  • We acquaint travelers with the achievements of the company
  • Create informational resonance with the purpose of popularization of the brand
  • Use various marketing gimmicks to promote products

Road show as a method to express themselves

Road show event format is a variant of BTL, literally translated as "road shows" in other words "Promo tour". Tour aimed at promoting the brand in various cities.

Road show is an event focused on attraction of target audience and increase the loyalty of customers. In other words, it is a tool to improve the company's image and its promotion. Road show on the business market, but recently appeared not to recognize that this format gives the desired result.

You need to:

  • show potential investors the company resource;
  • establish communication with existing clientele;
  • reward the best employees.


  • conducting a road show.

Road show: How does it work?

Road show is traditionally held in the form of a tour that lasts 2-3 week. Leaders and top managers of the company to meet with potential investors and leading analysts, introducing the achievements of the company and talking about relationships with suppliers, customers, competitors, etc. are also on the list of road shows can attend the best employees of the company, therefore, this event can be regarded as an incentive trip.

A significant factor is that road show takes place on the territory of prospective investors and talks about the prospects of working there. "There" is in the largest cities of the developed world. For example, representatives of Facebook in a similar event in 2012 year visited financial centers of the United States. According to the results of an IPO (initial public offering) of the Corporation managed to get around $16 billion.

The road show is held in the format of deal or non-deal, i.e. "deal" or "no deal". The first case is classical: its purpose is to attract investment. Non-deal aims at popularization of the brand, the dissemination of information about the firm, marketing gimmicks to promote the products.

In the ride-along with the "Big Jack"

Event-agency "Big Jack" is ready to help its clients in carrying out motivational trips. The company prepares a presentation of the production activity of the company regarding its results, products and services. Realizing that future investors interested in the prospects and results, "Big Jack" is not limited to the prospectus.

Event-agency also will help to create a list of investors that interest you, establish channels for feedback and to ensure adequate levels of all organizational issues. We are talking about relocation, accommodation, food and other significant details.

Having road show with "Big Jack", you build up a clear picture of demand for stocks, commodities and services of your company, as well as get acquainted with potential investors.

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