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Organization of meetings with customers and partners

Solve problems

  • Not enough strong communication with partners and customers
  • Strained relationships with partners
  • Low confidence of new partners and major customers

Achieve results

  • Are meeting with customers and partners in the most appropriate format
  • Organize the work of translators, shuttle service, catering, work security service
  • Provide bright impressions and, as a result, positive associations with the brand of the company

Events for clients, partners

Officialdom in relations with counterparties is the last century. The trend is meetings "without ties", informal, maybe even friendly communication. And not only with the most important partners: customers, as the basis of your business, will be happy to see real people behind the logo, corporate style and strict office dress code. Having established relations with customers on a different level, opening the "human face" of the company, understanding the needs and desires of your customers, you will kill two birds with one stone. The organization of customer events allows you to present your company and brand in a new light, you will be able to better understand your customers and, in accordance with the results of the analysis, adjust business processes.

So, if you want to:

  • present the brand in a positive way and create a good impression;
  • deeply study the needs of buyers and customers;
  • establish good relations, hold informal events for partners and customers.

An informal meeting is a good occasion to get to know each other better, talk about third-party topics and establish a closer connection.

Organization of meetings with customers and partners. A new look at a business event

There are two levels of communication, two formats of business meetings - official and informal, informal. The first is convenient for large transactions, with extensive information coverage, and discussion of serious legal issues. The second is an ideal choice for those who want to "probe" the future counterparty or discuss the most important aspects of the future transaction. In the course of an informal, liberated conversation, you can raise the most difficult topics and come to a mutually beneficial solution.

It is "without ties" that partners quickly find compromises and points of contact, and it is at such meetings that key decisions regarding the future deal are most often made. During such an event, the client and the representative of the company find a common language, devoid of complex legal terminology and all those formalities that complicate negotiations.

Pleasant atmosphere, lack of tension, free style in clothes do their job: informal receptions for partners and customers become an occasion for concluding new deals and developing fundamentally different solutions.

If we are talking about international cooperation, it is better to refuse an informal meeting. Difference in culturesCode and language barriers do their job, and it is quite difficult to get a good result from a meeting "without ties" in this case. An official event, verified to the last detail, organized and held according to the rules of international etiquette, is the best solution for both Western and Asian partners.

"BIG JACK": events for clients and partners

Undoubtedly, the organization of meetings with foreign partners requires attention and competence. However, an informal meeting requires a lot of experience and professionalism from the organizer. Any little thing can spoil the impression of the meeting and the mood of the client, and the event "without ties" also needs a responsible approach and elaboration of every detail.

Event-agency "BIG JACK" successfully holds informal meetings for partners and clients. We solve all organizational issues related to transfer and accommodation, a meeting area and an excursion program, security and meals. For those who want to meet with a foreign partner, we will select an experienced translator.

For an informal meeting, any format is suitable, equally pleasant to the representative of the company and the partner. You can go golfing or play tennis, go to a sailing regatta or relax on the beach. There are a lot of options - you can choose any. The company "BIG JACK" will make sure that everything goes perfectly!

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