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SMM stands for Social Media Marketing - social media marketing.

The purpose of SMM is to attract customers from Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms.

An important task of SMM is to increase brand awareness and work on reputation.


How does SMM work?

SMM is online marketing. It is based on the possibilities of social networks and the Internet in general. SMM interacts with existing customers and attracts new ones, promotes the desired culture and mission of the company. Through diverse content, SMM showcases a brand in a much deeper way than billboards and TV ads.

The main goal of SMM, like any marketing or advertising tool, is to increase sales of products and services.

With the help of SMM, you can solve many problems:

  • Increase in site traffic. Used as a step in a sales funnel or a way to drive traffic to a website.
  • Information about discounts and news. Promotion of seasonal sales, sending out special offers through messengers.
  • Expansion of the target audience, increase brand awareness. In social networks, new potential customers from any social group can notice you.
  • Promoting the views and values ​​of the company. If you participate in charity events and do good deeds, then it is worth talking about it in order to win over people.
  • Gathering feedback about the product and about the company itself. Social networks help to get feedback.
  • Cross marketing with friendly companies within a common target group. You can share each other's publications, organize joint contests and events.
  • Tracking trends and competitors. It is worth subscribing to your "enemies" to keep track of their promotions, chips and new items. Good ideas can be borrowed, refined and launched at home.

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