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Solve problems

  • The absence of a global corporate strategy and plan for the near future
  • Weak interest of employees to the work of the company, templated thinking
  • Relationships in a team-worst level

Achieve results

  • Changing the environment that enable employees to take rest
  • Conduct a business meeting, Conference or seminar without a tie»
  • Organize extreme journey
  • Show team each Member of the team with new side

Corporate visit: new environment – fresh ideas

Changing the environment helps to distract from old problems. The new environment is a catalyst for the development of creative thoughts. In the business environment, corporate travel is gaining wide demand among successful companies, because, being an excellent encouragement for employees, it, in addition, allows you to solve a number of topical issues.

You need to:

  • draw up a new corporate strategy;
  • to encourage employees to an unconventional and responsible approach to work;
  • improve relationships in the team;
  • hold a business meeting, conference or seminar "without a tie".


  • on-site corporate party.

On-site corporate party: features of the event

An off-site event is good because it is not tied to a specific season. The location for the event can serve as any place where there is a recreation center, a boarding house or just beautiful nature. The geography is very diverse: from an extreme trip to a desert island in Croatia to an outbound reception in the city.

The optimal place for corporate tourism will be a location with a hotel. In favor of the hotel - the following advantages:

  1. the possibility of accommodating the required number of guests;
  2. availability of conference halls for negotiations;
  3. good infrastructure.

On the other hand, the whole taste of a real corporate trip to nature will allow you to feel an extreme trip, during which a team of employees will have to solve quest tasks. This format will allow the participants of the trip to see each other in a new guise.

Despite the high total cost of an off-site corporate party, the trip turns out to be quite profitable, because it is also profitable for hotels to cooperate, selling more rooms to enterprises organizing such tours. And the preparation for the challenges of the next year and the impetus for rapid growth that corporate tourism gives is difficult to overestimate.

Corporate visit with "BIG JACK"

Event-agency "BIG JACK" undertakes the whole range of organizational services. The company's specialists will prepare a plan for a corporate visit, develop a scenario of activities, provide transport support, organize photo and video shooting, and also deal with the development ofhome to other equally important points. The client can only voice his wishes, and then you can observe the work of professionals.

Corporate tourism is a real opportunity to solve a whole range of issues with one event. Especially if the organization of this event will be handled by professionals.

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