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Strategic sessions

Solve problems

  • The lack of clear action vector company and goals for the year and more
  • The inability to exit the difficult situation through old solutions
  • Inability of staff to assume responsibility

Achieve results

  • Jointly develop strategic goals of the company and their dekompoziruem
  • Raise the level of team interaction due to the synergy of the team
  • Determine the most effective lineup of products and services

Strategic session: towards high achievements

Having a plan of action is an integral part of a successful company. The strategy should set ambitious but nevertheless real objectives. It is the strategy of playing the role of a bridge that turns the company into a single ecosystem, makes employees work in unison to achieve the highest professional results.

Do you want:

  • develop a new strategy of the company;
  • form a goal for the year;
  • distribute responsibility among employees;
  • find and develop a solution to a difficult situation.


  • conducting strategic session.

Stratsessija: key features

Strategic session-an event in which they participate without exception, all the specialists of the company. Due to the synergy of collective discussion and search of optimum solutions, withtratsessii qualitatively enhance team collaboration.

To hold such a meeting may employee of the company who is able to coordinate a panel discussion and not let emotions and personal interests of the participants to take precedence over the rest. Or it could be invited by the consultant, with appropriate skills. In any case, conducting strategic session without moderation and facilitation techniques.

Facilitation session involves a discussion of moderiruemoe. It has two features:

1) the views of all interested parties will be heard;

2) discussion certainly gives the result.

Such collective decision-making method is the guarantee of the willingness of all parties to take responsibility for the further implementation of the project. Strategic session allows you to understand the market and non-market threats for business, choose the leading for the near future goods and services, to join a team of employees in one commandindustrialists.

Conducting strategic sessions with "Big Jack"

Event-agency "big JACK" is ready to hold a strategic planning session for your company. In the arsenal of the event-the Agency a list of successful business events and 6 years of experience.

"Big Jack" develops stratsessii company, based on the goals of the company. Staff analyze the capacity of domestic enterprise capabilities distinguish its advantages and define the main constraints to the development of positive sides. An evaluation and selection of alternate strategies, defined the criteria of its effectiveness. This is followed by cascading the goals and objectives of the plan of action.

The result of the strategic planning session becomes the emergence of new ideas, the development of a common vision of staff, increasing knowledge and practical management skills.

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