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#HeyMercedes Sell the feeling, not the car

Project tasks

  • Create marketing event to attract new clients
  • Attract target audience

The concept of

Big Jack had successfully implemented the Mercedes-Benz Roadshow for eight years. For the first time ever, we were asked to create a Mercedes-Benz brand experience exclusively for a young and female audience. So how could we reshape the perceptions women have about Mercedes?

We recreated the roadshow to be digitally infused and filled with experiences that women would love. It began with a stylish lifestyle setup and included mobile engagements that invited visitors to fully interact with the Mercedes brand via their own smartphone. The brand experience was all centered around social media.

Chips project

 Together with MTV and a collection of influencers, we communicated and offered yoga sessions, remarkable test drives, top-secret gigs, a chance to win cars designed by Samy Deluxe, and more.

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