Project tasks

Host a forum of school leaders Expo 2020

The concept of

Expo 2020 School leaders Forum is a biannual event that invites private and public school leaders and decision-makers from across the UAE, to receive first-hand updates about the Expo, engage with Expo 2020 teams, and be part of the Expo 2020 journey. We created a three day event to explain the sense of urgency to be part of Expo 2020 and Expo 2020 School Leaders Program.

The event included a plenary room where speakers were able to engage with the invitees and run presentations about the journeys and the booking system designed for schools.

Chips project

 We also created an activation room to showcase the journeys:

• The Legacy of UAE

• The Sustainable Planet

• The World Of Opportunities

• The Universe in Motion

• Al Wasl

We also created an interactive Map showing location of each journey on Expo 2020 site. Finally set up a booking system in the activation room allowing invitees to pre book for their school visits.

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