The main trends of the Event-industry

The main trends of the Event-industry

 The main trend is the emphasis on employee training, team building and holding events with benefits for the company.

  1. Useful action

General orientation - traditional corporate parties and wide festivities have been replaced by spending time with benefit for employees and the company. Team building, games, training, business tourism - that's what is relevant now.

Especially popular:

  • Quests can be interactive games or tournaments indoors, even in the office itself. Participants are given props, explain the rules. Another option is a quest in a specially equipped room or room designed for a specific concept. Quests are very interesting in reality, when the organizers equip several locations in the selected area for the game.
  • Thematic games - you can develop analogues of the games "Mafia" or "Monopoly", or use other game formats related to the company's activities.
  • Business trips – for example, to training seminars, conferences, meetings with partners.
  • Sports competitions are suitable for young teams, you can organize an analogue of the Olympic Games, hold a sports relay.
  • Excursions – you can choose an interesting historical place or organize a joint visit to the museum.

    2. Non-standard venues

Ordinary banquet halls with a stage are a thing of the past in the same way as traditional parties and festivities. Corporate events are fashionable to hold on non-standard venues. 

For example, in such locations as yacht clubs, train cars, factories, polygons, bunkers, creative spaces — places that were not even associated with the celebration before. Under them, they come up with original concepts and ideas. Global concepts are popular when the idea of the event goes beyond the site: online and offline, parks or points of sale.

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