NFT in Event Industry

NFT in Event Industry

Now NFT technology is at the peak of its popularity. In short, NFT technology is digital assets that are provably unique. They can be used to refer to both tangible and intangible items.

They have many use cases, including artwork, digital collectibles, music, and items in video games.

How can this be used at an event?

  • Smart tickets for the event
  • NFT may include a work of digital art or other special content from invited attendees, or enhanced content from the event itself.
  • Use NFT to purchase additional services such as drinks, food or a T-shirt

So in 2021, NFT technology inspired leading brands to create their virtual spaces:

  • P&G has created a virtual world of BeautySphere, where users will be able to study the process of selecting plants for the production of cosmetics, visit the streams of discussions with top managers
  • Gucci has applied for a patent that will allow it to create software for virtual and augmented reality, issue digital currency and produce smart glasses
  • Balenciaga were among the first to launch their Fall 2021 collection in the online game Fortnite. Also recently, the company announced the creation of its own division, which will be engaged in the creation of clothing for the metaverse.
  • Zara in cooperation with one of the largest companies in the South Kopee Ader Error has developed its own project for people and apartments AZ Collection



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