Event Trends

Event Trends

Corporate events are becoming technological.

Of course, modern people will no longer be surprised by the performance of artists or tricks from the stage. Interactive stands, video games, virtual reality glasses - such entertainment can be seen at almost every major holiday. Usually they are used as an additional element that allows you to entertain guests when meeting or during breaks of the main program.

The following technologies can be involved in the concept:

  • VR / virtual reality - for example, virtual reality attractions that help guests of the holiday to be transported into the atmosphere of thematic action or horror. Video games and virtual reality glasses should only complement the main program, because people gather at the event to communicate, and not just to visit the virtual world.
  • AR / augmented reality - differs from virtual in that virtual objects are superimposed on the real world. For example, you can make a stand where participants can be photographed in different images, trying on virtual costumes. Or organize an interactive quest in the spirit of the sensational game Pokemon Go.
  • MR/mixed reality is a hybrid of virtual and augmented reality. Instead of simply projecting virtual objects as in AR, the technology allows you to create really new objects based on the data received. A special helmet makes it possible to control the created objects with the help of hands and voice. A person simultaneously sees both space and holograms, hears the sounds of the game and the real world. As a result, what is happening is as realistic as possible.
  • Interactive stands and gadgets – interactive installations with dynamically changing information will help to entertain guests. You can create a stand for recording music, drawing, a photo stand and much more. 
  • Artificial intelligence at events – for example, virtual assistants / hostesses who meet guests in the welcome zone.

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