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Organising the opening of dealerships and shopping centres

Solve problems

  • Failure when opening a commercial trade structures
  • The lack of an audience of potential clients
  • Lack of personal style, need for tuning out from competitors

Achieve results

  • Analyze the methods to promote the event among locals
  • Compile the program with leading, music, contests
  • Hold event to obtain the maximum benefit future business owner

Organization of the opening of the dealer and shopping centres: the first impression is most important

Opening event of the new object of commercial trade, is often underestimated. Meanwhile, this event draws attention to new trade or brand, and it can create a favorable impression on the target audience. From the script and the scale of the opening of the Centre depends on its reputation and fate. Interesting, bright start will be remembered for future clients, will make them not once or twice back.

If you require:

  • the best advertising for the new SHOPPING CENTER;
  • the first customers, who come back;
  • detuning from competitors spend opening with "Big Jack"!

The nuances of events in dealer and shopping centres

Organization of the opening of the TC -question difficult, time-consuming and costly. But the event itself justifies: it becomes a resonant event even in the big city and attracting audience without additional advertising. During the preparation it is important to pay attention to a few details, without which talk about good results meaningless.

First of all, the opening must be on a clear plan. Impromptu is cool, but this format is better left for corporate events and informal meetings where a lot depends on the attitude of the parties. In the case of TC everything must be thought out and timed in advance. It is important to choose the right pad (preferably at the main entrance, under the open sky or in the lobby), decorate it, prepare equipment, then elaborate musical accompaniment, to invite the leading and artists care about video and photography. The perfect solution would be the Organization of competitions. Competitions can be held during the event or before him, and at the opening of handing a gift card, give discounts and other nice prizes.

The opening should announce. But give what advertising to reach the widest possible audience? Only enough signs at the building or need to advertise in local print media and television? Whether to print and distribute leaflets? By answering these questions, you should allocate budget to advertise themselves and pick up tools.

It is important that when conducting activities in the dealership was enough safe, comfortable, and interesting to all viewers.

"Big Jack": a successful start to the new business

Successful Start-bail the rapid development of commercial structures. "Big Jack" will take care of this start was marked by vivid, unusual, eye-catching event. We undertake activities in dealerships and on trading floors on a turn-key basis. So to save you from any organizational difficulties.

Our staff will develop original screenplay Festival, will prepare a premise and façade of the new building, will take care of the technical equipment. If necessary, we will invite professional leading and well-known artists, not coverage of the event.

"Big JACK" to hold and announcement activities. The population of your city or region will be informed about the opening, and you will have the audience. Before serving, we analyze the target audience and the effectiveness of available marketing tools, and then choose the best.

Having a great experience in organizing the launch of the new business, we will give your potential visitors and customers a great feast for the whole day, and you and your tenants-a solid profit. "Big Jack" generates events that are remembered and become an effective tool of promotion.

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