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Organization of city events and holidays

Solve problems

  • Low image of the company in the eyes of the local population
  • Lack of communication with local partners
  • Lack of awareness about the activities of the company

Achieve results

  • Conduct a preliminary PR-campaign
  • Come up with an interesting scenario with performances, leading and original rooms
  • We can organize the security service
  • Engage urban governance, give an unforgettable experience to guests and residents of the city

Organization of city events: work for the result

City events are events that are of interest to a significant number of people, organized in order to draw attention to any place, action, holiday, business event, etc.

Alas, not always city events cause genuine interest and become a source of serious information resonance. A formal approach and a lack of real interest in the results of work lead to aimless waste of funds and inefficiency of the event. If we are talking about a corporate event, this "tradition" should be abandoned.

The organization of mass city events can attract the attention of both the citizens themselves and media representatives, as well as potential investors and partners. Sports competitions, games, concerts, exhibitions, business events can be a bright and effective PR move for your brand and business. And also - to expose the company in a good light not only to the townspeople, but also to the representatives of the municipal authorities.

Your goals:

  • to hold a cultural, socially significant event in the city;
  • increase the company's reputation and brand awareness;
  • present your products and services to potential customers.

Holding city holidays is a great way to achieve your goals.

Organization and holding of mass events.

Holding urban cultural events requires considerable time and a responsible approach from the organizers. It is necessary to develop a successful, interesting scenario for a wide audience, choose the right place, having previously agreed it with the city administration, take care of technical equipment and safety.

One of the key and difficult stages of organizing a city event is the selection of a site. It can be a stadium, a sports palace, a pavilion, a square, a park, even a pedestrian street. Select the site, focusing on the concept of the future event and potential audience. Most often we are talking about open-air - an area or a park where you can reach a maximum of viewers without additional advertising. After the event, you should coordinate with the administration, indicating the exact time and place of its holding.

Having decided on the site, they make a plan. The scenario of the city holiday can include performances of musicians in a particular genre, costume shows and much more.. Well-known media persons attract great attention to the event.

Another stage is the advertising campaign. It is important to announce the event correctly - so that the audience reacts and attends the holiday. It is worth conveying to future viewers the idea: they are waiting, and they will get pleasure, and, possibly, gifts from the organizers.

During the holiday itself, it is important to ensure safety. Mass events attract the attention of criminals, the threat can be posed by the spectators themselves - those who are in a drunken, narcotic state. Therefore, you should take care of security, not forgetting about the comfort of visitors. If a sufficiently large event is planned, it is necessary to coordinate security and medical care issues with municipal organizations.

"BIG JACK": interesting city events

Event-agency "BIG JACK" is an organizing company with many years of experience. We are ready to say with confidence: the holiday, organized with BIG JACK, will be a resonant event that will consolidate the image of a large company and bring fame to the new brand.

With our help, you can diversify the cultural life of citizens, give them new opportunities and entertainment, and also advertise a new product or brand. Working on the scenario of the holiday, we rely on the ultimate goals of the client.

"BIG JACK" offers professional assistance in organizing city holidays and an attentive approach to each stage of the event.

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