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Creative Teambuilding

Solve problems

  • Lack of creative progress of thoughts
  • Poor teamwork
  • Inability to propose ideas and discuss them during teamwork

Achieve results

  • Develop emotional intelligence, the ability to feel each other up
  • Cultivate the skills of creativity applying innovative ideas and co-creation
  • Prepare scenario events that bring employees a maximum positive emotions

Creative teambuilding: "no", "Yes" templates creativity!

Unylost won? Your employees sleep at work, generate ideas and perform tasks fit the mold? Teamwork spirit permeates the creative and professional stagnation? Unwind! Awaken the staff through an unusual team building.

Culinary, wool, dance events will awaken your creative colleagues and bring sea positive.

The objectives and ideas of the unusual team

Options, the formats for nonstandard 60s-sea! Among the most sought-after culinary dance, woolen and teambuilding. Each of them has its own characteristics and producing results.

So, culinary teambuilding is designed for two purposes. The first is to teach employees to work in a team, in an unusual atmosphere and with unusual roles. They need to-and quickly-responsibilities in the preparation of dishes. The second goal is to develop the skill of time management.

During the game, all participants share on two commands. Each team must prepare several dishes. The result will appreciate the members of the jury, and in the intervals of scenery will barman show or artist.

Dance Team pursued other goals altogether. Above all, the destruction of barriers between employees. Your employees will become more open, stop and overcome his barriers in communication with each other. This will have an impact at work: enclosed, 're full of hang-ups, people can better express yourself, don't be afraid to suggest new ideas. Dance-part body-oriented therapy, which will help to be liberated and will improve the relationship between the team members.

Wool teambuilding is entertaining and short on time team element that allows you to feel the interrelationship of all team members. Usually takes place using balls with woolen threads.

To hold wool teambuilding is easy. Each participant give into the hands of a ball of wool. This tangle it must throw another man, leaving the thread. As a result, the floor is covered with dense wool between the participants in the carpet, and employees understand: each action brings a certain result and helps to achieve the common goal.

In our arsenal there are other unusual teambuilding, well-designed and unique. Some of them can be held as a separate, independent event, others will be greataddition to the holiday, lectures, business game.

Creative teambuilding that will result

Scenarios and solutions in open access, but enough of one plan, one concept is too small to ensure the event was interesting. Need professional support: experienced presenters, organizers, knowing the process down to the last detail and able to assume all technical questions, assistance in finding equipment and convenient venues for the event.

Our company organizes creative events. We know psychology, have extensive practical experience in human different formats. We can advise you on the optimum idea and best concept. And yet-we will develop detailed and original script that meets your wishes and needs, and will deal with all the details-from finding cooks to purchase products, and balls of wool. The event will bring to a disco and buffet.

We know how difficult it is to create a truly cohesive and productive team. And we are ready to make every effort to turn your employees into dream team!

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