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Anniversary of the company

Solve problems

  • Not enough strong brand company
  • Lack of communication between staff of the Central Office and branches
  • The low level of sales and the small circle of customers
  • Motivating employees

Achieve results

  • Determine the format of the event depending on the purpose of the holiday
  • Conduct activities to advance the involvement of employees
  • If necessary, invite representatives of firms-partners
  • Prepare a bright post-involvement to emotions remained with the guests for a long time

Organization of the company's anniversary: solving a set of tasks

The birthday of the company, as well as the New Year, is more than another holiday and an occasion for fun. During this event, both fun contests and employee bonuses can be held, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. First of all, the anniversary of the enterprise is an opportunity to solve a whole range of tasks, and of different orientations.

You need to:

  • strengthen the positive image of the company;
  • attract potential customers with a subsequent increase in the number of sales;
  • introduce employees of the central office and branches.


  • organization and holding of the anniversary of the company.

Anniversary of the company: success factors

The level of the company's anniversary, like any other corporate event, is an indicator of the success of the organization. Employees will have a huge incentive to work for the benefit of the firm when they are once again convinced that they are part of an ambitious business mechanism. That is why a scenario honed to the smallest detail for the anniversary of the enterprise is a fundamental factor of success.

Global problems, such as attracting potential customers, can also be solved by starting from the anniversary of the company. For example, on the occasion of the Anniversary, you can arrange advertising and information events aimed at both competitors' customers and newly opened enterprises and new markets.

To maintain strong relations with their old suppliers and partners, representatives of companion firms join the congratulations on the anniversary, and they themselves are awarded memorable awards and souvenirs.

In addition, the company's birthday is an excellent occasion to bring together employees of the central office and branches. Such a step demonstrates the importance of each individual member of the team, shows the care of the enterprise for its employees and unites the people working in your organization.

Anniversary of the company with BIG JACK

Event-agency BIG JACK has a good track record of holidays on the occasion of the birthday of the enterprise. Big Jack staff will acquaint you with all the offers and help you decide on the right option. You also have the opportunity to develop your own scenario of the company's anniversary, and the event-agency will bring it to life. In BIG JACK will be heard all your reapsAnd the birthday of the company will be held with a bang.

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