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Social enterprise events

Solve problems

  • Lack of company image in the eyes of the public
  • Lack of customer base
  • Weak corporate values among employees of the company

Achieve results

  • Solving socially significant problems, provide steady long-term growth of the company
  • Increase loyalty team
  • Carry out activities for the benefit of society and benefit yourself

Corporate social programs:
who, if not you?

They are not born good: they become them. This statement also applies to the business sphere, namely its constituent parts - various business entities. To establish your company as a good company with the right values will help social programs.

Do you want:

  • raise the image of the company in the eyes of employees and the public;
  • engage in socially useful business;
  • attract potential customers.


  • conducting activities related to CSR.

CSR measures in facts and figures

The implementation of corporate social programs was discussed in the early 70s. XX century. At that time, CSR was seen as a type of applied ethics, studying ethical principles and moral or ethical issues arising in the business environment. Today, this is a certain concept, according to which the company takes a course on the vector of activity, which involves taking into account the interests of the public.

What does this give in practice, besides feeling like you've done something good for the environment? According to international studies, 2 respondents out of 3 want to work in a socially responsible firm. Thus, CSR significantly increases the search area for employees. And representatives of the Danish manufacturer of insulin "Novo Nordisk" conducted their assessment of the effectiveness of corporate social programs. They claim that after the introduction of the "Values in Action" program at the enterprise, the outflow of personnel decreased by 5%. Consequently, the loyalty of employees increases, whose efficiency increases by 4%.


Implementation of corporate social programs  together with BIG JACK

For the purpose of a high social response, the BIG JACK event agency at the planning stage of the CSR event measures the expectations of stakeholders (stakeholders) with the company's goals. Based on the results of the survey, employees of your company can donate blood, visit orphanages or, for example, plant trees. These activities benefit the world outside, and it is a story about the benefits – in addition to its products or services – that an enterprise brings to society.

BIG JACK knows that corporate social responsibility is the way to high involvementpersonnel and, as a result, the development of loyalty in the team. At minimal cost, you have a good PR reason to present the company as a socially responsible business entity. Event-agency achieves the effect of synergy of different departments through dialogue, external and internal. The main thing here is to understand the expectations of the masses and see this as a hidden possibility.

CSR is a highly effective, profitable and socially useful way for your company to achieve success.

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