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Professional industry holiday

Solve problems

  • The tense atmosphere in the team
  • Lack of credibility of the head
  • Lack of motivation to work

Achieve results

  • Linking the entire script of the holiday with the specifics of professional or industrial activities of the company
  • Conduct staff bonuses, hand over gifts and souvenirs
  • Create a festive atmosphere and show concern for each Member of the team

Organization of the professional holiday-a way to reward employees

If you look at the calendar of feasts, it is clear that almost every day is a professional triumph. Gazovshhiki and builders, railwaymen and customs officers, doctors and police officers: representatives of these and other specialties once a year to celebrate their Day.

Certainly your employees lucky enough to have a date in the calendar, when talking about their activities throughout the country. But even greater joy in addition to oral congratulating them will bring thanks to head in the form of Organization of the professional holiday.

Do you want:

  • to strengthen its status in the eyes of workers;
  • reward employees for good service;
  • to defuse the situation.


  • industry professional holiday

Especially in organizations

tion industry holiday

Whether it's a day of Medica, Builder's day, the day of power branch workers or the day of railwayman -organization of sectoral activities should be approached very seriously. And then there are my reasons. Chief among them is the need to immerse themselves in the specifics of the operation, examine professional humor, slang, understand the joys and sorrows of members of a profession. What for? To spend a really fun event and not leave room "for show".

Holiday script should be elaborated from the very start and up to the finish line. During an industry event not to do without bonuses of employees, so you need to consider which part of the festivities most logical to include the issuance of gift or memorabilia.

Oh and what corporate without leading? This is a man who knows how to make people like themselveswhether to participate in competitions, team building games, creative jobs. Then in an unobtrusive way involves all staff members who will be glad to take part in the activities.

Professional holidays together with BIG JACK

Doctors treat people, the oil companies to extract "black gold" and event-agency ensures that representatives of these and other professionals merrily and usefully held a theme party. Big Jack understands the importance in carrying out such activities at the highest level. Agency staff carefully ascertain the details of the request to the client detail assort brief. So taken always, but especially important "top" on the part of the concept, design and filling activities.

Corporate industry, during which in its original form is presented to the sphere of activity of the Organization, is a great gift to company employees on the occasion of their professional day. Event-agency BIG JACK ensures that theindustry celebration will cause only positive impression on the team.

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