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Holding of business seminars

Solve problems

  • Stagnation of the professional development of employees
  • Small popularity of goods and services of company
  • Weak contacts with partners and investors

Achieve results

  • Invite representatives from major customers and partners
  • Organize an interesting pastime through speaker
  • Create informational resonance by engaging the MEDIA
  • Develop a suitable concept of activities with a view to enhancing its interactivity

Conducting business seminar: combine theory with practice

Business event, on any topic, with performances by professionals in a particular field. Teach the audience with his insights, the speakers will answer questions from the audience and offer solutions to challenges submitted by other participants. Business game is possible.

The purpose of the seminar:

  • increase the professionalism of the employees of the company;
  • attracting new investors and partners;
  • attraction of clients/customers;
  • creation of informational resonance around the company.

What is the difference between workshop, conferences and other events?

Regardless of the format of business seminar, a key feature of this event is to focus on the transfer of knowledge. Speaker shares important and useful information with students, past-interested in information. The audience itself is prepared and familiar with speakers and/or organisers. These are the people with whom have already contacted or to be contacted-employees, current and future partners, investors, customers, i.e. all those who are involved in operating processes.

On the format of the seminars can remind the Conference, but more interesting and effective will be seminars in the form of a business game. In the course of the game organizers and speakers will show audience the real problems that exist in the company or industry, in abstract form. Gaming format enables all the participants of the event, listeners will be able to show activity, as a result, better understand the information and will their assumptions, ideas, views to the speakers. Close communication will help you come to a single decision of a question.

Not all events are being held behind closed doors. Often holding business seminar calls informational resonance, drew attention to the company or the issue increases brand recognition. It is advisable to invite journalists from specialized publications. MEDIA will view with interest the industry event.

Services seminars from "Big Jack"

Any seminar-business game, round table, brainstorming will benefit if you entrust the Organization of the event agency "Big Jack". We will develop the script will find the optimal format, will help determine the theme and speakers. Each element of the future activities will be agreed upon with the client. Our reference point, a goal which Hauwith the customer.

"Big JACK" will help to organize the event on a turn-key basis. We will take care of the communication with the speakers and moderators will choose and prepare a workshop space, take care about nutrition and the delivery of guests and participants on location. If necessary, the Agency will issue a souvenir products with the logo, which will increase the number of visitors and create informational resonance.

Our aim is not just to hold a seminar and make the event decided to raised client tasks. Each event is held under the supervision of the event agency, played a role and has sparked interest not only among the participants, but also to a wider audience. Business games, organized by the "Big Jack", it was impossible to sleep: we are doing everything possible to engage viewers in the process.

Our strong feature mutual respect. Respecting clients, respecting the speakers and future participants, we do everything to ensure that the event was held at a high level, it was interesting and decided the company's problems. "Big Jack" ensures maximum efficiency, attention to detail, punctuality and non-standard decisions in business event industry.

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