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Organisation of conferences

Solve problems

  • Poor communication between employees
  • The existence of pressing challenges that require a new vision in their decision
  • The low level of awareness among the public about the activities of the company

Achieve results

  • We invite professional speaker
  • Organize the entertainment part, including business games
  • Cover the event among the media and honored guests
  • Ensure the exchange of experiences between the participants of the event

Organization and holding of conferences: a tool for professional communications

The conference does not have to be scientific: by organizing this event on behalf of the company, you will be able to attract the attention of the professional community to your brand and the problem under consideration. The conference will be a convenient platform for acquaintance and communication with partners, customers, competitors and own employees. Round tables, training sessions, business meetings - all this will be an important tool for solving a number of problems:

  • create an opportunity for professional communications between the participants of the event;
  • ensure the exchange of experience with colleagues, competitors, partners, customers;
  • think through and implement the relevant entertainment part.

Holding conferences, round tables, business meetings makes possible a dialogue between the manufacturer and the supplier, the seller and the client, the manager and the employee, competitors. Within the framework of the meeting, important issues related to the industry and the current situation in the market can be resolved. On such sites, mutually beneficial contracts are often concluded or close cooperation begins.

Features of the conference

Half the success of any event is a competent scenario developed taking into account all the nuances. The plan, drawn up professionally, based on the results of the analysis of the client's needs and the goals of the conference, will allow you to build the meeting correctly, make it interesting and profitable for all participants. Within the framework of a business meeting, you can organize a team game, a small exhibition, a buffet, master classes and various thematic events.

The second important element that is taken into account when organizing business conferences and meetings is the selection of speakers. In their capacity can act famous persons, as a rule, professionals in their field who have a good reputation. A competent speaker will make the meeting truly successful.

One of the goals of organizing business conferences is to create an information resonance in professional circles, to strengthen the reputation of the organizing company. And this is impossible without the involvement of the media. Guests from television channels, print and online magazines will help to cover the event, and therefore contribute to the promotion of the brand and business.

Organization of business meetings and conferences under the supervision of "BIG JACK"

Our conference agency has extensive experience in business conferences of different scale and format, we are attentive approach and comprehensive work with every aspect of the upcoming event. We take care of all issues related to the meeting: we select a site, decorate it, provide technical equipment, food, entertainment, invite speakers and presenters, hire support staff. Of course, we also carefully work out the scenario, taking into account the goals and objectives of the client, as well as the needs and interests of future participants. If necessary, we can even brand the event: to develop and produce souvenirs. By default - announcement and information coverage.

Providing services for the organization of conferences, we do everything to ensure that the meeting was held with maximum benefit for your business and your guests, aroused interest among the media and their audience, brought global results for the industry.

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