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Winter Capital

Project tasks

  • Host a networking event
  • Strengthen the company's HR brand
  • Strengthen the image
  • Meeting investors in person to improve communication

The concept of

Winter Capital Club. As an idea for the event, we turned to the theme of private clubs in America in the 20s. Every company, like closed societies, wants to live up to the ideal of prestige and success, and Winter Capital is committed to this. Guests of the event could feel like a member of an elite society and get into a secret world! Inside the old mansion, guests were greeted by hostesses in jazz era costumes, and the hall was decorated in black and gold with lots of floral decorations. Networking was held in the buffet format, which allowed the guests to establish communication and get to know each other better. For a full immersion in the atmosphere of sophistication and prestige, guests were offered unusual treats and a champagne pyramid. 

Chips project

  • Decoration of the event was in the style of the 20s with themed costumes and scenery
  • The atmosphere of the jazz twenties suggests gambling fun, so for the guests of the event we arranged a luck competition on roulette and a mini-poker tournament
The format of the

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