How can I increase my team's productivity?

How can I increase my team's productivity?

There are many ways to improve performance and build internal communications correctly. It is important to pay attention to internal communication in the team - it is communication in the company in the course of joint activities: exchange of information, ideas, thoughts, solutions, tasks.

For the productive and successful work of the team, many have started to use Human design as one of the tools for communication. Human design works on a system where all people are divided into four types: generator, projector, manifesto and reflector - depending on the place and time of birth, and each type has its own centers and channels responsible for the character of the person. The resulting information makes it clear what the employee's starting points, competence, to what there is a predisposition.

Human design also works well in the HR field in the recruitment, adaptation and development of staff. A map of the design of the future or existing employee will allow you to pay attention to its basic individual features and take them into account when working with him. The system turned out to be interesting, many found a response. At Big Jack, we also decided to try human design in building internal communication. The result has met our expectations, and we can safely advise you to use this technique.

There are also a number of universal methods to increase productivity:

  • Automation of business processes. Introducing technologies that make it easier for employees to work routinely.
  • Develop job descriptions for the entire team. Then each employee will understand his or her responsibilities, what he is responsible for, and what the punishment for nar will be
  • Creating comfortable working conditions. And it's not just a stable salary and coffee in the office. This can include the schedule breaks for rest and specially allocated for this area; Modern jobs The development of corporate culture; creating a friendly atmosphere in the team.
  • Introducing motivational moments. This can be a bonus system, bonuses for the implementation of the plan, the solemn awarding of the title "Best Manager of the Month" or, conversely, "Lenti of the Week."
  • Brainstorm. This way, each employee will be able to express his vision of solving the problem. Common tasks bring together and the team will get used to working together.

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