How to diversify an online conference?

How to diversify an online conference?

Nowadays, more and more business events and conferences are held online. The secret ingredient of any event is its entertainment program.

1. Quests

You can adapt the quest to the theme of your own event, motivating guests to cooperate and create new contacts. Step-by-step performance of various tasks and element of intrigue will make the stay as interesting as possible. At the same time, it will be an additional opportunity for the integration of sponsors and partners of the event.

2 . VR technology

Virtual reality is a very cool way to get the audience interested. Today, VR is a powerful marketing tool: museums and exhibition galleries create virtual tours, travel agencies offer 3D tours of hotels and resorts, in the formation of VR is used as a way to observe some processes in real time. In the context of an event, VR can be used as an addition to the session program or as a way to entertain the audience during the break. The availability of VR technology allows participants to experience virtual reality experience: VR glasses and a computer are all they need to create a world in which business event guests can move to a different reality.

3. Artie's performance1st

The guest celebrity, famous speaker is a great solution for pauses in the business program, during which guests can relax and switch. You will be able to give listeners a new experience of watching speeches and recharge with positive emotions.

4. Artists

Inviting a digital artist to perform during a break is an original way to impress the conference participants. Depending on the format and subject of the conference, it can be a graffiti artist, cartoonist, portraitist or artist who will demonstrate interactive installations. Participants will be able to have fun watching the creative process in real time.

5. Make speakers dynamic

It is best to spend 10 minutes on a regular report, and for a super headliner's performance - 20 minutes of screen time. With this ratio, the participants of the conference will not have time to get bored, and the speaker will have time to express his point of view, highlighting the problem and will be able to keep the attention of the viewer. In addition to the performance, you can use AR technology. For example, visualize the speaker's talking points with augmented reality: AR technologies allow you to model any object and translate it into 3D, which will allow you to demonstrate the subject of discussion and brightly complement the usual presentation.

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