How to decorate a winter event in an original way?

How to decorate a winter event in an original way?

Winter events always make organizers think about fresh ideas for decor, which could convey the atmosphere of the holiday in an original way. Now we will talk about stylish and unusual solutions.


  • Ice Art

Install an interactive wall for graffiti made of ice, on which guests could write their names, wishes, create drawings. On the site, you can also organize an installation of ice cubes, in which logos or branded goods will be placed.


  • Snowballs made of white carnations

The winter theme will be perfectly complemented by bouquets of white carnations, which resemble fluffy snowballs. A great example of unobtrusively and elegantly set the mood of a winter evening.


  • Mini - Bonfires for desserts

Guests can enjoy a cozy winter atmosphere thanks to the original devices that imitate mini-fires. Guests will be able to make their own favorite dessert from white marshmallow balls, frying them over a fire and adding cookies to taste.


  • Original Christmas tree

The symbol of the new year can be created from bottles of champagne or wine, from ice structures, artificial snowballs. The most original and delicious idea will be a Christmas tree of sweet desserts and caramels. None of the guests will remain indifferent to such decoration.


  • Transparent OLED touch screen

Transparent OLED makes it possible to create a video sequence and fill the event site with impressive special effects. The display will allow users to view what is shown on the glass video screen, and at the same time see through it. Designers can overlay text, digital images, and video content on physical objects or scenes.


  • Interactive Waterfall

The most original decoration for the event is the Interactive Waterfall. It is a modular stand that is quickly mounted in Anywhere. The installation looks like hundreds of thousands of small droplets of water flying in free fall, forming a water curtain. "Smart waterfall" transmits information, and numerous directional light diodes make the image colorful and spectacular. The play of light and water is a fascinating sight that will certainly gather a large number of spectators near the stand.


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