How do I integrate sponsor brands into an event?

How do I integrate sponsor brands into an event?

How to integrate sponsor brands into the event so that participants must contact them, remember, "turn on"?

Now we will share with you creative and interesting ways of integration.

1 - Branded merch

These can be both useful gifts with the symbols of specific sponsors, and collaboration with the visual of the conference itself, or, alternatively, branded merch necessary to participate in some of the workshops - this will give both greater involvement and involvement, and will serve as an additional channel for communication.

2 - Commercial

A high-quality commercial will attract the attention of customers and once again remind about the brand. You can also add a promotional video to a newsletter or to an invitation to an event as a promotion.

3 - Networking

For events with seating arrangements, you can make a composition in the center of the table. You can approach this issue creatively and make them, for example, from flowers, vegetables and fruits or anything that corresponds to the theme of the event.

For example, from recycled materials, if we are talking about ecology. The key point is that the composition should correspond to the corporate style of the sponsoring company.

4 - Relax zona

A place to relax and unwind can become a branded oasis. In such a space, participants will be able to check e-mail, communicate in social networks, charge mobile devices. If you have children at your event, prepare entertaining games and coloring books, books or toys. Branding options are endless: couches, pillows and chairs, brochures, dishes.

5 - Brand Cocktail

style="text-align: justify;" >Why not treat the event attendees to a signature cocktail. Come up with a name that will remind you of the brand or use brand colors. The drink can be served in a branded glass. Cocktails can be offered by waiters in branded clothes. The bartender will prepare and effectively serve cocktails at the bar. Make sure that the drinks are really tasty and memorable.

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