8 chips for B2B segment events

8 chips for B2B segment events

Now we will reveal the chips for the successful holding of events of the B2B segment. Perhaps many of them will replenish the piggy bank of your ideas and will be a good help in preparing for the new event-season.

The B2B event is an important tool for achieving the goals and objectives of the company. In the B2B segment, there are many formats that are equally effective in solving the problem of business: conferences, business breakfasts and business games, presentations, exhibitions, forums.

1) Unusual location

The standard scheme in the form of holding an event in the conference hall is already too tired, and guests clearly need something memorable. Now there are many sites, both indoors and outdoors, which will help create the right atmosphere and positive emotions.

2) Unique branding

Do not limit the event's ability to go beyond the company's brand, let it have its own unique style.For example, INBOUND is an annual event from the HubSpot team, which is an example of how the event has become an independently existing brand.

3) Modern technologies

Computer technology is becoming an integral part of the event-industry. In addition to augmented and virtual realities, another technology has recently appeared - a hologram. The use of holograms at the stand or reception will delight visitors and leave them a lasting impression.

4) Spectacular demonstration

Organizing events forIt's not so easy to draw the attention of the audience to a new product or service. A huge role is played by the demonstration of new items. It is important to make the appearance of a new product unusual and memorable.

5) After-party

After-party is what will help guests relax and end the event on a cheerful note. It's a good idea to send guests after a day full of training sessions and serious speakers' speeches to a party near the venue of the main event. There they will be able to enjoy socializing, dancing and treats for every taste.

6) Kick-off party

Kick-off party is almost like an after-party, but only the opposite. Such a party is usually arranged a couple of days before the event. On it, participants get acquainted, communicate and discuss plans for the upcoming event. The organizers of the TechDay New York event staged a similar party two days before the start of the exhibition, gathering exhibitors in an informal atmosphere.

7) Customer performances

Launched in 2006, the annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) conference is a perfect example of how participants' presentations increase their interest in the event. At AWS conferences, the company's customers, representatives of well-known brands, from Nike to Netflix, talk from the stage how AWS services have become useful in their daily work, thereby becoming part of what is happening and increasing the prestige of the organizing company.

8) Empirical marketing

Experiential marketing is about creating a connection between a brand and a consumer by creating an unforgettable emotional experience. One of the most striking examples of the use of this tool is the so-called Community Pavilion in the framework of the Adobe conference. Max Conference. In the large pavilion, guests can experience the possibilities of 3D modeling, including experimenting with some technologies on their own.

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